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Advent Day 18: The Office Christmas bash

A slightly shorter post tonight as I am off out with colleagues from work for a meal and few drinks before we break for Christmas. While we get together once a week on a professional level, we rarely spend time together as a group socially – mostly down to where we live and being busy with family when away from work. I trust this will be a civilised gathering – we’re going to local village pub, with a resident dog and roaring fire! No opportunity to disgrace ourselves, or our colleagues. No office letch, looking a for a chance to take advantage. No senior managers to witness one too many Jager Bombs!!

So for a little giggle, take a look at the link below for ‘dos’ and more importanly ‘don’ts’ when it comes to conducting oneself at the office Christmas party!


I may have a couple of white wine spritzers… a girl needs a little sparkle on a rare night out! And if you’re getting ready for your own office party, heed the advice! Be good and enjoy!

MJ xx