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The easiest decision you’ll make today…

Happy new week!

The sun continues to shine here, I hope that it is shining with you too? The word count continues to grow and I am ever hopeful that I will hit my 30 day target of 50,000+ words. Being in Dorset again over the weekend gave me a renewed motivation, with big blue skies and blustery runs along the coast path. If only being on a windswept hill-top looking out to sea was as romantic as the BBC portrayed it in the excellent Poldark remake! How come Demelza’s hair didn’t look like a bird’s nest every time she walked along that hill-top coast path?! And where’s my Ross Poldark??! (‘Wrong county’ I hear you cry, but as we head off to Cornwall very soon I may get lucky! … oh the nonsense the poor Hub must put up with!) Continue reading