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Voices in my head!

No… it’s OK – I’m not going mad… yet! Mind, there are some who might consider that I have gone waaaayyyy past that point! I just thought I’d use this blog post for what the blog was originally intended and that was to give you… dear, loyal followers an insight into this protracted, sometimes deluded and always moving forward journey into getting something published! Right now I’d be happy to have tonight’s dinner menu published (it’s chicken curry and rice, if you’re interested?!) Continue reading

Dance with the Enemy….

Hello lovelies!

How is June stacking up for you already?! Wet, huh?! The children had half term last week… notice I don’t refer to it as my half term break anymore. I don’t know how to feel about that. Anyhow, as we had the excitement of a trip to Wembley for the League 1 Play-off Final at the start of the week (no I don’t want to discuss the score line!), we decided to head off to the coast for the second weekend and yippee… so it seems Dorset had it’s fair share of sunshine! Continue reading

Just checking in

It’s been a strange few days, you know the kind when lots seems to have happened, but you don’t feel like you’re going anywhere..?

The word count isn’t where it should be, but it’s not far out and I have 3 days of almost solid writing this week, so I am hoping I may get somewhere close before the week’s out. I really could do with a daily checker… but that would be like having a boss *shudders*!!┬áBut I need to keep the wolf from the door somehow and I have a careers ‘fairy’, who sends occasional possible job opportunities… is this in case my whole dream falls to rat s**t?! I have noticed they are getting geographically further away… or am I reading too much into that! So a few leads are currently being chased – things I can do which will compliment this writing process and today I went all out and applied for a Travel Writing Scholarship linked to World Nomads and Lonely Planet… only to realise that I probably don’t fit the profile in terms of age, shape, attractiveness and general coolness… still, like I keep saying: If you don’t ask, then the answer will always be no! Continue reading