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Advent Day 5: Surviving the excesses of the season


Christmas drnks


So the Christmas Party season is upon us! I was out last night at a (civilised) farewell meal for a colleague. It was lovely to catch up with some old friends, as well as meet new people. In an organisation as big as ours the faces change and people are often just a voice on a phone, or a name on an email. Anyway, lovely evening, nice food, country pub, roaring fire (much needed, because you have to go outside to get to the ladies room!) – I drove! Conversations led us t discussing nights out and for some colleagues this weekend represents the start of a busy few weeks… while some won’t actually make it to their own beds for the next 3 nights, I know that my next night out isn’t until 20th December. Sad? Definitely not…. I can’t ‘do’ the drinking ‘thing’ anymore. I would say I’m beginning to sound like my mum, but she could drink me under the table….!! To be fair, it’s not the drink… I love a good night out and I do love a few glasses of something cold and fizzy (NOT diet Coke!) – the trouble is I can’t bear the morning after feeling. I’ve never coped well with nausea and the idea of being so hung-over it knocks out a whole day is wasted time and frankly not possible when you have children…. That said, it doesn’t stop me from having a few drinks and I have been know to exceed my limit a little, on occasion! So it got me thinking about how best we might deal with that morning after problem, or how we might best prepare for it and hopefully minimise it’s impact.

Check out this lovely lady at http://www.amy-loves.co.uk/

This is a great blog jam-packed full of ideas for living a better, healthier, happier life! She’s a great gal who definitely practices what she preaches! She has posted a great piece on how to cure a hangover, as well as other posts relating to surviving the festive season! Why reinvent the wheel – take at look….!


And remember – if you have a marathon few nights ahead – pace yourself!!

MJ xx  purple_pink_christmas