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In defence of the Christmas Card

So, the Christmas card is apparently falling out of fashion…? Instead people are preferring the seemingly soul-less social media festive greeting or a pre-Christmas text (sent to their entire address book). It got me thinking why… is it time? Cost? Apathy? A cultural shift? Well, let me, just for a while shout out for the humble Christmas card and fight it’s corner just for a moment…

One of the bonuses of working from home some of the week, is that I am here when the postman arrives. He’s nothing to look at and if I’m honest, I reckon we have a different postie everyday anyway. I rarely see him and when I do he always look different! When I was out at work everyday, I would come home to find that someone (normally the Hub) has collected the post from the doorstep and opened anything vaguely addressed to him. Which meant that I would be left with the junkmail/bank statements/bills! They’d be perched on the corner of the dining table, dropped there as he made his way through to the kitchen to grab some lunch and forgotten about. The thing is, I rarely got to open the ‘exciting’ post… the Christmas cards! Sometimes he would leave them propped open, but more often than not added to a pile on the side until I got round to putting them up – not realising who had sent us cards until it was too late to send one back in return…. Continue reading

Sparkling Summer goodness….

This was too delicious not to share…. Rasberry Limoncello Prosecco

I found it linked to a post on Facebook and I just wanted to share, share, share!!

I for one can’t wait for the weather to warm up a little before i give this a go!

Many thanks to Chungah at for this!

If you try it, let me know how it goes! I already have a bet with myself about who tries it first!

Sparkly love to you all… hic!

MJ xx

Random thoughts!

Only 5 weeks and 2 days until Half Term! What an awesome thought! But then it becomes apparent that this term is slipping by and before you know it, Easter will be looming. It’s at that point that you realise you haven’t made quite the dent you wanted to in your marking pile, or that some learners are dragging their heels a little too much! Hey ho…. the evenings are starting (gradually) to get a little lighter and my birthday is just around the corner! I must learn to embrace the fact I am a proper grown up now, mustn’t I?! In fact, on that very subject, I watched an interesting BBC documentary last night on Sir Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island, in the Caribbean. What a stunningly beautiful place! And what a fantastic philosophy…. no pretentions … flip flops and wet hair at dinner if you wish (with other clothes of course!) – water sports instructor doubles as the bar man in the evening and all that… Then it struck me – you have to be a different kind of beautiful to go there (apart from stinking rich!) and oh sooooo much younger than I am. I have clearly missed that boat on all counts! It got me thinking about what I would do with a multi million win on the Lottery…. I am allowed to have those tortuous thoughts from time to time…. the one thing that would remain a constant (apart from family) would be the writing. Might change the things I write about right enough!

And so, as the light fades and my marking pile screams at me, I find myself turning to the TV guide to see what time Songs of Praise is on!! Drat – not til Sunday! Right… I best be off to buy a Lottery Ticket!

MJ xx

Advent Day 20: Let the Holidays begin…..


I cannot begin to explain just how pleased teachers are at the end of each term. I take a HUGE amount of flack from non-teacher friends (and family – DAD!), who tell me how lucky we are to have great holidays, only working from 9.00am until 3.30pm blah blah bloody blah…. Well I could write an entire post on how this just isn’t the case. Instead, I am going to focus entirely on the fact that I now have 2 whole weeks (in fact 16 days) of down time with my family and I am going to use them to great effect! That’s starts with planning what TV we are going to watch. Christmas is just about the only time when watching ‘Herbie Rides Again’ at 9.30 in the morning over a bowl of Cornflakes (other cereals are available) is totally right! Continue reading

Move over Mars and Venus… bring in the cats and dogs!

I don’t believe for a moment I’m the first person to pick up on this, but it still surprises me that more people (and by that I mean fellow parents) haven’t seen it. Forget this Mars and Venus stuff, as the parent of a boy and a girl I am certain that I have human versions of a dog and a cat! I can’t remember when/where I first saw this, but it’s an analogy I have subsequently shared with a range of friends – some of whom also have one of each! No one has dared disagree….. many see it too!

File:Black and white cat named Leafy-zenera-03.jpg

Continue reading

We must remember them…

We’ve never really conformed, when it comes to family holidays. In part because we both aren’t fond of lazing about by pools or on beaches, also because the Hub is essentially the world’s greatest fidget and I guess because we just like doing things a bit differently! I never quite understood the desire to return to the same complex/cottage/campsite year on year. Continue reading

So… what’s new?

Just checking in… the last few days have been pretty manic and as we race towards a very welcome half term break, there seems to be request after request being thrown in my direction. Tonight has been a late night at work… one of many it seems these days. Only this kind of late night means manning a radio and hoping no one calls you for assistance! The brighter side is that I get a chance to catch up with a few things, make a few lists and generally try to devote a few precious hours to keeping on track with the day job, so that it doesn’t spill over into the real job when I get home of an evening.

It has also given me the chance to do some internet searching for new teaching resources. During my searching I came across a few items on the BBC website which I thought I would share… for no other reason than I found them interesting! Continue reading

Naive…. moi?!

Well, how funny… isn’t it sometimes the smallest things which make you laugh? Last night we had the first of our recruitment evenings at work. How great to welcome even more new faces to our college to meet staff and how great to see otherwise shattered and exhausted colleagues tune into their passion and enthusiasm and sharing this with those we hope will choose to learn with us. We had so many engaging activities on the go that it was hard to find a quiet stand…. Surely they were aware the Bake Off Final was on anytime soon??! That said, in a more peaceful moment I took a break with a colleague I see less often. Having offered her a cup of tea/coffee, she declined and took a swig from her water bottle. `Evian!` she exclaimed… `Yes, I know… I could get it from the tap, but it doesn’t spell “naive” backwards for no reason, you know..!`

And do you know what… I never realised! So who’s the mug now?!

But in that room, surrounded by potential new students and their parents we howled…. goodness knows why, but at the time it was one of those unexplained, but very funny moments. Yes, yes, you had to be there… I know, but after a busy/mad/mind numbing few weeks, how lovely to laugh at something so totally innocent. Or maybe, on the part of that particular water company, not so innocent after all…!

MJ xx

How challenging is your workplace?!

So, yesterday I received an email asking me to join the ‘Workplace Challenge’… I mean, come on, as if it wasn’t challenging enough, working in education – now they want you to join the challenge!! Actually, it’s an incentive being run by our County Sports Partnership, to get the county’s workforce up and active! To do this you need to log your physical activity, duration and intensity. So being the competitive animal I am, I have asked all my department to register and log their activity levels… just the push I need, to get up and do my ‘bit’! In fact, I surprised myself, as I logged my activity for the last 4 weeks…. bike rides, family walks, runs, aerobics, FitSteps, housework, gardening…. crikey I should be as thin as a rake! Still, time will tell, weigh-in day tomorrow! If you’re keen to get involved, check out the link:

Let me know how you get on………..

Sending best wishes,

MJ x