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Mourning the death of good manners…?

When I started on this blogging adventure I spent some time ahead of my first post thinking about how I would approach the whole thing. Researched a lot, read other blogs, took advice from current bloggers etc. This research gave lots of (sometimes good) advice such as:

  • Be active on social media and maximise your coverage
  • Blog everyday (or at regular time each week/month), so your audience know your routine
  • Have a theme – so you can target the right audience
  • Respond where possible to comments and feedback

… and so the list goes on. Well, I guess in my 14 or so posts I have managed to break each one of those rules at some point or another and interestingly, the one which bothers me the most is the last one – responding to comments! So first and foremost I will publicly apologise now if I have failed to respond to your comment, or sometime in the future I fail to respond. KC – you left the very first one and I didn’t even have the good manners to reply back 😦 So to you a HUGE SORRY xx Continue reading

Let’s not allow school to get in the way of a child’s education…

And so I am back after a fun-filled half term break – for us ‘break’ was the key word… son vs. fracture clinic is our life for the next few weeks! (See previous post!).

I see the debate over term time holidays rages on:

With every twist and turn all I see are different parties blaming and counter blaming one another and all the while, families and more importantly, the children, are losing out. As a young, idealistic (child-free) teacher, I couldn’t see the issue, school time was learning time, holidays were for fun and anyway, if I couldn’t take advantage of cheaper holiday deals, why should anyone else!! Continue reading

Have you got any homework…?

I came across a really interesting read on the BBC website today, regarding the effectiveness of removing internet access as a punishment for teenagers in today’s technology laden society! It’s worth taking a look, especially for parents of KS2 children. It doesn’t really tell the reader anything we don’t already know – teenagers need internet access for essentials homework, key learning and revision and they get sidetracked by the additional goodies that the wonders of the world wide web provide.

As a teacher and a parent, I have a foot on both sides of the fence with regards to this discussion. Continue reading