Monthly Archives: March 2016

Voices in my head!

No… it’s OK – I’m not going mad… yet! Mind, there are some who might consider that I have gone waaaayyyy past that point! I just thought I’d use this blog post for what the blog was originally intended and that was to give you… dear, loyal followers an insight into this protracted, sometimes deluded and always moving forward journey into getting something published! Right now I’d be happy to have tonight’s dinner menu published (it’s chicken curry and rice, if you’re interested?!) Continue reading

Home alone…?

So one of this morning’s headlines on the news was that in the last year, 510 people have been arrested for leaving their children ‘home alone’. The youngest being a baby aged 6 weeks, the eldest 15 years old. Hmmm…. on doing a bit more delving, it seems that it’s not caused the stir on social media I thought it might. More of a little ripple. So I figured it was worth a post here, but way of creating conversation. It raises the whole ‘Madeleine McCann’ thing again, doesn’t it… only it kind of takes things to a whole new level.

home alone

It’s worth taking a look at the report¬†here¬†– it makes for interesting viewing. The Madeleine McCann case certainly brought parenting choices into focus at the time. Behind closed doors people were breathing a collective sigh of relief that it wasn’t their child, when they had taken similar chances for the sake of a few hours peace and meal with their other half. What the McCann case did was make it publicly, socially unacceptable to leave your child in a similar environment and selfishly (?) grab some food – EVEN if you had all the apparent safeguards in place. Continue reading