All work and no play…..

Seems like all I’m doing at the moment is laying foundations and it’s pretty tough going…


Found someone I think I’d like to edit my book and am in the process of sending her a gazillion questions about the process of publishing. Might put her off… to be honest, I haven’t got the foggiest clue about what the next step is as far as that’s concerned, or even if the bloody thing is any good. Funny how you learnt to resent something when you you doubt it’s worth. Truth be told… I love it so much I don’t want someone else to say they don’t! I’ve spent so much time with it and no doubt will have to spend even more time with it over the coming weeks. I’ve said this before but some of those characters become like ‘friends’- in this world of having online/distant friendships, it’s so much easier to develop a fondness for people in writing – and in some cases a dislike (!). But then some of those, shall we say, less pleasant characters, come out as a result of dealing with less pleasant people in real life!  Anyway… I digress (what a surprise..!)

I’m also laying foundations in other areas…. new career move is progressing steadily. Trouble is I’m impatient and I was probably the toddler who though they could run before they’d mastered walking! Couple of opportunities have cropped up and I suppose, a bit like the writing, when you enjoy something so much, it’s tough to accept the knock-backs… but it wasn’t like I wasn’t warned… these things happen and it’s not like there’s nothing out there… it’s just the nature of the industry! One door closing means there’s scope to look for the next door that’s ajar!

Went for a tea in the local cafe this morning, took a magazine – one of those celebrity type things with the glossy pics and the impossibly thin models (yes we know how to torture ourselves with the unachievable, don’t we!?) Anyway, having overdosed on who’s knocking off who, which 30-something bimbo is married to which 60-something sports star and which celebrity events we forgot to be invited to… I stumbled across the horoscopes! Yes, I know some people think it’s claptrap, but isn’t it funny when you’re looking for direction, if the horoscopes look positive, you wonder if there might be some truth in them…

Aquarius (that’s me!):

The world, it seems, is full of hoops to jump through, rules to abide by, agreements to honour and promises to keep. That’s fine if we feel comfortable about the expectations others have of us, but not if we are asked for more than we feel we can supply. Events have left you wondering how much you really want to commit to someone or something. Soon, though, you’ll gain renewed enthusiasm. 

Oh I can’t wait for that renewed enthusiasm to surface….

In reality, these are the facts…

  1. It was such a great weekend of celebrations that anything I do this week will pale in comparison
  2. It’s raining (again) and the wind is howling
  3. I’m no worse off than I was this time last week – in terms of work, skill level, ability
  4. It’s raining (still)
  5. It’s only bloody January for goodness sake
  6. I’m in a far FAR better place in all aspects than I was this time last year
  7. Lots of good people support what I do and give me lots of sound advice – listen to them!
  8. It’s raining…..

So suck it up, man up, jog on (and whatever other analogies I can think of)… there’s a book to be finished, matches to be researched and a diary to fill. I am in actual fact a great believer in fate… all things happen for a reason and everything we experience shapes the person we become. So lovely as Jonathan Cainer’s advice might be… if you work hard enough, the rewards will be yours to claim!

But first…I’m off tho find some chocolate…. last week I prescribed sleep and chocolate as the best cure for most things. So I’m off to follow my own advice… it’ll be tough but someone’s gotta eat those Minstrels I bought earlier!

MJ x

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