Tunes that make me smile

This was something that I wanted to add to my post reflecting on the year gone and the year ahead and simply… I forgot! I could have gone in and edited the post, but it would have got lost, so I decided to create a separate post. It’s got sod-all to do with writing, but who cares (most of my posts aren’t, are they?!)… this is my blog and I’ll post what I like!! Anyway… you know how songs remind you of different periods of your life – good and bad – well I just wanted to share a couple of songs with you. For no other reason than that they make me smile and remind me of some of the high points of 2015.

The thing about spending time in a radio station is that you suddenly become surrounded by people who know soooo much about soooo many things and are in actual fact really, really smart! Most impressive are those who have amazing knowledge of music. They really live and breathe it – today I was working with a great guy who was looking a particular track on the central system… couldn’t find it and declared…”not to worry – I have over 7,000 tracks on this thing…” waving his iPad at me! There have been though a number of tracks that have been played a lot throughout the time I’ve been going back and forth to Oxford, as well the time I have spent on football terraces, waiting to report back into the show on chilly Saturday afternoons…. sometimes with the PA system louder than a school disco on Valentine’s night!

Now… I’ve never been a massive Elvis fan… I know his stuff and some of it I can sing along to. But this track seemed to be played lots when I was driving to and fro on the A420 and I absolutely LOVE the orchestration… if you do nothing else, put some headphones on and listen to the incredible sounds from the Royal Philharmonic …  just beautiful!

OK – bit of daft pop… but I was off work for a bit, kicking my heels and wondering what was round the next corner and this track popped up on a Twitter feed a little while before it hit the charts… it never fails to make me smile and (when no one else is around) sing along!

This final track is my track of the year… it was played a lot at the station and as the programme on-air is broadcast throughout the building, you can’t escape (even in the ladies!) But it was also played a lot on football ground PA systems when I was attending matches in the autumn….

The funny thing is, they’re not songs I from artists I would normally listen to… but they all make me smile and when they come on, the volume goes up.

Let me know what songs bring back the good memories for you!

MJ xx

2 thoughts on “Tunes that make me smile

  1. Lynne

    U2- Magnificent
    Cliff Richard – These Miss You Nights
    Hazel O’Connor – Breaking Glass
    Paul Weller – You do Something To Me
    Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars
    Chris Farlowe – Out of Time
    Coldplay – Fix You and What If

    Quite a few really!!


    1. mjhadlow Post author

      Great tunes…. I am partial to a bit of Coldplay and these are amazing tracks. What If.. is a superb song. The others… well… stunning! Will Google the Chris Farlowe track, not familiar with that one. Good choices! xx



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