Your New Year Challenge

So yesterday I spent part of the day with my sister. We took advantage of us both having some time off at the same time – not always something we have managed to combine! Anyway, we were having a conversation about the new year and our plans for the next few months… we almost share a birthday (one day apart) and were discussing her forthcoming party (it’s a BIG-ish birthday for her this year!) Conversations turned to how we planned to keep costs down – four children between us – we share an understanding of being ‘robbed’ of any spare change for stuff. By that I mean everything from sweet treats (clear off you loony health freaks – of course I’m a normal mum and my kids have occasional sweet treats), to cinema trips with mates and everything in between.

She shared with me something she had heard of a few days before and I thought I would share it with you, because I think it’s so good… and so manageable and if you timed it right, could help you save a healthy little sum of money.

I don’t think there’s credit to anyone in particular, so I’ll call it the Penny Savings Jar and the principle is quite simple

Glass jar full of uk British coins

Step 1: Find your self an empty jar (large one, if you can find it), or better still a sealed money box (maybe like a Terramundi) – so you won’t be tempted to raid it

Step 2: Place a penny (1p)  in the pot on day 1 (Jan 1st), then 2p for day 2 (Jan 2nd), then 3p… you get the gist! And do this every day until the end of the year

If you did this every day, until the end of the year, you’d have a whopping £671.61p

Seriously… could it be any easier?

big red green and blue 3d numbers 123 - 3d rendering/illustration

Yes, clearly, as the year goes on, you have to add more per day and therefore more per week, but the most per day that you will ever have to add will be £3.66, on New Year’s Eve!

So what are you waiting for…. dust off that old jar and dig out those old pennies. You might even want to start saving the odd penny in a separate pot to raid that, rather than robbing your own purse. I’ve decided to add the money 10 days at a time for the time being, so I can keep on top if it… let me know how you get on!

And if you like the sound of this – please share! Let’s find a use for those pesky pennies!

MJ xx

For more information on Terramundi money pots:


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