My kind of Christmas

Christmas drnks

Hello all – just a quick check in. Hoping that you have managed to find some time over the weekend to relax and enjoy the festivities? Ours was a busy one. Because Christmas Day fell when it did, it meant the Hub had quite a bit of time off. Normally he’d work until lunch on Christmas Eve and then be back in the car for the day after Boxing Day. As it happens, he worked one hour on Christmas Eve, then we went over to Cirencester for a last-minute wander round the shops and a chance to try to feel a bit more festive. Child No1 said this year is the least festive she has felt – I think it’s the weather that’s robbed us of a that extra special festive oomph! But, with Michael Buble’s Christmas CD blaring out in the car, we did a good job of getting int he spirit on our day out!

Christmas Day was always going to be a little odd, because it’s the first one since the Hub lost his mum last January. So we kept busy and we kept the drink flowing! We popped over to my mum’s in the morning, to exchange gifts and enjoy a glass of bubbles (well, I did, she had the dreaded winter cold and felt terrible!) then it was back home for the feast to end all feasts! With the Turkey crown cooked the night before, it was just a case of getting the veg, spuds, stuffing and gravy sorted! Then it was up to my dad and step-mum’s for tea…. the best kind of tea – a picky tea, with pizza, nibbles and cake! Laugh of the night came when dad and Hub took the dog (Milo) for a last walk into the village. It should have been 20 mins tops…. 45 mins later a text arrives to say they’ve strayed towards the pub (“We were surprised it was even open!” – they said,) and the landlord is treating them to drinks on the house!! 1 hour and two pints each later…. just as well the dog knows his way home! We stayed over at Dad’s (kids in the bedroom, Hub & I on the floor in the lounge!), Child No2 decided in the night he wanted to see his Christmas lunch again and so that was a fun at 2am… in a house that’s not yours… trying to avoid waking the entire household! After a Boxing Day dog walk and bacon rolls, we went back to mum’s for more Christmas leftovers!

Sunday was spent trying out new winter footwear (the kids) and coats (me!) in a walk along the K&A canal in Devizes before heading to friends for tea. So far… so according to plan! Then we fell foul of the weather… or rather non league football did! I was meant to spend Monday in Weston Super Mare, reporting on the WSM vs Oxford City game. But weekend rain took its toll on the goal mouths and it was Game Off! Gutted – I really enjoy this part of what I’m doing now… I never thought I’d miss it, when I can’t do it, but I really do! Still, we didn’t waste the day and headed to WSM anyway – we promised the kids some time on the Grand Pier and meeting up with my sister and family, we made the most of the day there!! Plans for today have also unraveled… we were meant to be to heading over to friends for dinner tonight, but it seems they’ve fallen foul of the Christmas bugs and we’ve had to postpone that too…. oh well… more time for Monopoly I reckon!!

So… that’s us… the Hub finally went back to work today. I’m working tomorrow and Saturday, so we just await the start of the New Year. Wishing you all a super time and I hope 2016 brings you everything you wish for… and more!

MJ xx

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