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The BIG question… the one we dread!

What is the most difficult / heart breaking question a parent can be asked at this time of year….? While I’m not a parenting guru, I do happen to have 14 years experience (more than some people have in their careers and they call themselves experts?!) so let me shed some light on this tricky topic….

In trying to keep my promise to Child No1 about not banging on about how much I dislike aspects of this time of year, I’m currently searching for my festive Mojo! Yesterday I started the Christmas cards, having completed a therapeutic culling of the list a few days ago! And I even started buying a few little gifts on my weekly shops. I also found this cute little shop on my occasional foray into Summertown, when I’m up in Oxford – a new shop, run by a delightful couple selling trinkets and gifts which would be fab for Christmas – I’ll spend some money there next week, for sure. I know the Mojo is there, despite my finest efforts at sounding like Ebeneezer Scrooge… and the reason I know it’s there is that I can hear the bell… you know the little tinkling in the dead of night when everyone else is asleep. The sleigh bells that tell me HE is picking up lists and checking on the naughty and nice kids. The reason? Because I still BELIEVE….. if you haven’t seen The Polar Express, you’ll have no idea what I’m on about – stay with me…

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Isn’t it funny?!

Just a short post today..but funny how things turn out. Tuesday has turned into catch up day and after a manic weekend skipping round the lanes of North Cornwall this weekend and a busy day in Oxford yesterday I know today will be a day of emails, meetings, washing, careers event (No1 child – not mine!) and shortly a 3km run to blow away this nagging headache. But as I was catching up with the news this morning I strayed onto my Facebook page to be greeted with one of those features where it lets you share your ‘on this day last year’ memory type things! You know the score… some of it can be quite funny, especially if (like me) you’ve been ‘doing’ Facebook for a number of years – you do forget the funny things you post!

Well this time last year I wrote a blog post about the start of the nest emptying process… or rather the fact that No1 & No2 are growing into independent young people and we’re just going to see less of them. Reading back through it made me smile – take a look here at what I wrote! In short No2 child had just left for a week away with school, No1 was off to the theatre with school, their lives were starting to change and I could see all of this coming without really being able to anything about it – and why would I?

The funny thing is, while No2 is not on his residential this week, he’ll be late back from school tonight – “Got rugby tonight mum, might be a match, dunno… see you when I see you…”, No1 is volunteering at a careers event at her school (one she should be attending anyway) and then I have to rush her home, feed her and get her back to school so she can go on yet another school theatre trip. The school are nothing if not consistent!! But when I look back over the year since that post, the drifting away hasn’t been so hard. Involvement in cadets has meant No1 has been away more than ever before – village fetes, camp-outs, residential trips, military exercises… you name it and we haven’t had time to breathe! Just this morning over another hurried breakfast we were trying to organise the next family weekend away, only to find it clashes with a birthday sleepover she wants to attend… cue lots of huffing and puffing! Some things never change!

Because it’s been a year of change for me I’ve probably not noticed the little shift as much as I might have done in my more predictable routine of yesteryear. As things settle for me in the New Year (fingers crossed), it may become more apparent that while I have been looking in the other direction, my babies have gone. And in their place…. let’s hope it’s not our version of Kevin and Perry!


And on that disturbing thought…..

Have a lovely day, I’m off for a jog/plod/bimble!

MJ xx

He’s not all that, you know….

Strange kind of week really. It started when the game I was meant to be going to last Saturday was called off due to the weather…. waterlogged pitch. It left me at a bit of a loose end… a Saturday at home with ‘nothing’ to do. Whilst I thought all my match prep was wasted, I can hear little voices on my shoulder telling me all prep is good practice, so it’s never really a waste of time! Somehow, we filled the weekend and it leaves you wondering how you ever fit everything in!
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Winter blues


So we’ve finally said cheerio to BST and said hello again to GMT… in my case, a reluctant hello. I have to confess, I really find the winter months difficult at times. I was explaining this to someone the other day and when they asked me why I rattled off a whole list of things I dislike about the winter and their response was…”you’re turning into your parents, you know that?!” The funniest thing is, they don’t even know my parents… and it got me thinking I’m not even sure how they feel about the winter anyway! Continue reading