Pausing for breath

Well….. how lovely to be back. Things have taken such an exciting and unexpected turn in the last few weeks that I’m not sure there has been too much time to process it, to be honest! To be brutally honest, the book has taken a back seat for a little while and perhaps that’s no bad thing. As I alluded to in my last post, the last lap seemed to be a real struggle and talking to other writers recently, they said it wasn’t unusual and suggested I should put it down for a while, only coming back to it when I felt there was something productive to say. And what a timely break it has turned out to be! I never intended however to step away from the blog and while I have missed dipping in and out, be assured I have been keeping myself busy.

Six months ago, having taken the decision to step away from education, I wasn’t sure what the next stage was going to be. The writing is there (I think it always will be) and it seemed like a great chance to use those beautiful sunny spring days to write, write, write… so I did! Then on April 23rd I received an email which started a chain of events that has literally changed the course of my life… now yes, I know I can be prone to over-exaggeration, but quite literally, without that email, subsequent good fortune, good timing and some genuinely super people – I would probably have found myself doing something very different this September.

I won’t bore you (at the moment) with the ins and outs of my amazing summer, because for many you follow me on social media, so I’ll leave that for another day – a day when you can skip the journey or relive it with me! But for those not so familiar…. 20+ years in teaching and then you step away into working in local radio and sports writing… well, I think that’s one heck of a career change!

But what I did want to leave you with, is something I have come to learn in the last few months…. don’t be scared of change – it’s NEVER too late. The last year has been one of tremendous extremes and the fear I once had of things being taken away from me… of leaving the job I’d loved… of trying new things… of failing at something….? They don’t scare me anymore. I have many times had the fortune to work with new staff in education, to train them, mentor them, help them find their hidden skills. Pick them up when they wobbled and learn from their enthusiasm. It was a totally natural role, because I had been doing the same thing with teenagers for years beforehand. Some of those staff I count as close friends – people I trust and people I have grown to admire. When they found their ‘hidden teacher’, it was great to watch them expand and develop. The same with the kids I worked with – again some of whom I still stay in touch with – and who make me feel old as they get married and start their own families!!

Now I am the one being mentored, trained and developed. I’m trying really hard not to revert to student mode! But it’s taken me a while to see what everyone around me is talking about – the skills I apparently have, the untapped potential – and I am enjoying every single moment of what I’m doing. It helps to work with a great bunch of professionals who clearly love their jobs. It helps no end to have a sense of humor. And it apparently helps if you like coffee… well, two out of three ain’t bad!

I will do my best to pop in more often from now on! Keep you posted on this change of direction and I promise above all not to forget the writing.

Bye for now my lovelies,

MJ xx



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