Dance with the Enemy….

Hello lovelies!

How is June stacking up for you already?! Wet, huh?! The children had half term last week… notice I don’t refer to it as my half term break anymore. I don’t know how to feel about that. Anyhow, as we had the excitement of a trip to Wembley for the League 1 Play-off Final at the start of the week (no I don’t want to discuss the score line!), we decided to head off to the coast for the second weekend and yippee… so it seems Dorset had it’s fair share of sunshine!

But fear not, I wasn’t totally off duty last week. I had a stack of books to keep me busy. I’m currently surrounded by a pile of thrillers. I’ve found that it doesn’t help me when I am trying to write a particular storyline if I my reading material is from a completely opposing genre. Currently my own writing has taken a route into a darker place that I hadn’t anticipated. Nothing sinister, or gruesome, but as a novice writer, I wanted to explore writing styles and content that take a reader on a journey… I’ve already alluded to the fantastic book by Clare Mackintosh ‘I Let You Go’, in a previous post here .. so next on my list was a book by a fellow Twitter fan Rob Sinclair @RSinclairAuthor : ‘Dance with the Enemy’. Rob was kind enough to contribute to a previous post on where writers write and what distracts them. Little did I know what was in store when I started this one! I never really intended for this blog to become a series of book reviews, but as I come across great work, I figured why not share it with you!



Dance with the enemy


Carl Logan is a battle weary operative for a very secret organisation and following a particularly difficult assignment, Carl is left to recover from the physical and psychological scars. But the recovery period is short-lived following the abduction, in Paris, of US Attorney General Frank Modena and Carl is recalled by his boss Mackie. Mackie believes Carl to be the best man to track down the abductors and bring Modena back – but this decision doesn’t receive the full support of all members of Joint Intelligence Agency and Carl does little to ally their concerns.

Rob manages to create a series of characters who suck you in to the story. When Carl learns that one of the world’s wanted men Youseff Selim is a part of the group behind the kidnap, you see his professional veneer dissolve as his desire to exact revenge on Selim escalates. Rob ensures that the reader fully understands the reason why Carl is so determined to eliminate Selim. During the scenes between Modena and Selim I found myself dreading turning the page. I wanted to know what was going to happen, but I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to know!! And as the actions heightens and as Carl, who hooks up with FBI Agent Angela Grainger, I found myself worried for Carl’s well-being. Was he really the right man for the job? Would they find Modena? Would they find him in time? Just what was Selim capable of? There are great twists and lots of action – I really could see this transferring to the big screen, such is the appeal of the subject and locations so well described.

So if you get the chance and this is the kind of book you like, give it try! And all this from a guy who had a bet with his wife that he could write an action packed page turner.

Mission Accomplished, I say!


Anyhow… back to my own work I guess! So I’ll leave you with a picture I took yesterday. The joke is that I always buy my own flowers (because no one ever buys them for me, including the Hub!) – these beautiful roses were in the kitchen all last week. Delightful!


Have a lovely week! The sun will be back soon…..

MJ xx


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