Monthly Archives: June 2015

Why I love social media!

Yippeee…. the old laptop seems to have recovered from its toddler paddy last week and here we are once again dear friends! I guess I could have tried to use the iPad, but it’s more fiddly and I seem to make more typos on there and correcting seems to take an age! Anyhoooo… for now, we’re here!

I’m getting to a stage where I know that Draft 1 is soon to be ‘completed’ and I can get back in to start re-working, editing and perhaps just trashing the whole damn thing! It feels like this last lap is starting top drag out and perhaps some of that is of my own doing. I mean, once it’s done, I’m going to have to think about putting it out there, in a totally professional sense of course! That means finding professional people who like what I do; editors, publishers and agents exist in a world I know NOTHING about and I suppose that’s what makes the journey exciting/petrifying* (*delete as appropriate!). Continue reading

Dance with the Enemy….

Hello lovelies!

How is June stacking up for you already?! Wet, huh?! The children had half term last week… notice I don’t refer to it as my half term break anymore. I don’t know how to feel about that. Anyhow, as we had the excitement of a trip to Wembley for the League 1 Play-off Final at the start of the week (no I don’t want to discuss the score line!), we decided to head off to the coast for the second weekend and yippee… so it seems Dorset had it’s fair share of sunshine! Continue reading