Just checking in

It’s been a strange few days, you know the kind when lots seems to have happened, but you don’t feel like you’re going anywhere..?

The word count isn’t where it should be, but it’s not far out and I have 3 days of almost solid writing this week, so I am hoping I may get somewhere close before the week’s out. I really could do with a daily checker… but that would be like having a boss *shudders*!! But I need to keep the wolf from the door somehow and I have a careers ‘fairy’, who sends occasional possible job opportunities… is this in case my whole dream falls to rat s**t?! I have noticed they are getting geographically further away… or am I reading too much into that! So a few leads are currently being chased – things I can do which will compliment this writing process and today I went all out and applied for a Travel Writing Scholarship linked to World Nomads and Lonely Planet… only to realise that I probably don’t fit the profile in terms of age, shape, attractiveness and general coolness… still, like I keep saying: If you don’t ask, then the answer will always be no!

2013-05-05 11.16.47

Spent some of the weekend in Dorset too… more of that in future posts. I have found that when I am writing I picture this place on the coast (that doesn’t exist, by the way), but I am so familiar with it and where I think it ought to be that when I drove down the main road on Saturday, I was almost shocked not to see the road sign! So to be there again, to have some time to sit and imagine where these characters would be and what they would be doing was a treat. We had dinner out on Saturday at a lovely local pub. There is a stunning walk through a lovely valley, it’s only 2.5 miles and we’d often talked about walking there, once the children were old enough, for something to eat. So with only Child No2 in tow, we set off for a lovely evening walk (the Hub had already taken the car there and run back). I can see how Hardy was so inspired to write about the coastal landscapes around us, as well as the inland valleys it’s peaceful on a gorgeous spring evening, but inhospitable when the sea storms strike and that was part of Hardy’s inspiration. Crikey, if I could grab just a fraction of his passion, I’d be delighted! Sunday afternoon was spent in the company of some of the loveliest people I know. After nearly 18 years with the same employer, the decision for me to leave was a tough one and it was good to have a few of the great people I have worked with together for a short while. I don’t mind saying I found it a bit difficult – well you know me by now, heart-on-my-sleeve kinda gal! New beginnings… must remember, new beginnings…

And then the new week was upon us… yesterday was Hub’s birthday. He says he’s counting backwards, but he seems to have chosen 29 and stuck with that for some time! He secured tickets for the 2nd leg of the League one play off at Swindon Town, so I took him out for lunch, as a family dinner was unrealistic. And wow, what a match… it was a killer listening to it on local radio and even Child No1 got in the spirit. She seems to like football more than we thought! Hub now thinks that my sole purpose this week is to secure tickets for the final at Wembley. I best get this darned book written then, or find a damned job fast, I have a feeling these tickets are going to cost a small fortune!

Very best wishes,

MJ xx

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