Look who’s back!

….. Hold on tight, here we go again….!!! Look who’s back..!

I spent an hour today reading through some of my previous posts, by way of trying to capture where I was when I was writing them and what I wanted to achieve. A self-imposed break was required and while I’m not here to discuss that, it’s enough to think that my cup of heroes and villains hath overfloweth…!! Or something like that!

My last post (link below) brought a tear to my eye all over again – not least because once more the Hub has proved to be the pillar in my otherwise shaken world and I’m not entirely sure how I will be able to repay him… As an aside, a friend read that post and commented on the analogy. ‘Why granite?’ she asked. ‘It’s not an attractive rock, really, is it? And your Hub is (for his age!!) still in good shape – I mean, isn’t there a more suitable rock you could have used?!’ It was a well meaning question I suppose and she’s right – he’s not doing too badly despite the speckles of grey. But you know, I think I got it spot on and I went on to tell her that Dartmoor, a place synonymous with Granite Tors is a stunning place whatever the weather. As a student in Plymouth, I spent many a day on the moors navigating over bogs and around the Tors – come rain or shine, or fog… or storms… or more rain.. (you get the picture!) But I loved it – the changing weather makes the same view look different each time. I guess that what I was trying say about the Hub… we’ve thrown a lot at him over the years and he deals with it in his way. Sometimes it might not be the way other people do it, or like it, but he deals with it!!


And now onto more pressing matters… today I have managed to go for a run, do 2×7 minute Davina workouts (and my legs feel it now), weed the garden and it’s only lunch time! This afternoon is the most important job… gotta bake a cake for Child No.1’s birthday, before she gets home.

Nice to be back peeps! Be kind to me!

MJ xx

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