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Sparkling Summer goodness….

This was too delicious not to share…. Rasberry Limoncello Prosecco

I found it linked to a post on Facebook and I just wanted to share, share, share!!

I for one can’t wait for the weather to warm up a little before i give this a go!

Many thanks to Chungah at for this!

If you try it, let me know how it goes! I already have a bet with myself about who tries it first!

Sparkly love to you all… hic!

MJ xx

The easiest decision you’ll make today…

Happy new week!

The sun continues to shine here, I hope that it is shining with you too? The word count continues to grow and I am ever hopeful that I will hit my 30 day target of 50,000+ words. Being in Dorset again over the weekend gave me a renewed motivation, with big blue skies and blustery runs along the coast path. If only being on a windswept hill-top looking out to sea was as romantic as the BBC portrayed it in the excellent Poldark remake! How come Demelza’s hair didn’t look like a bird’s nest every time she walked along that hill-top coast path?! And where’s my Ross Poldark??! (‘Wrong county’ I hear you cry, but as we head off to Cornwall very soon I may get lucky! … oh the nonsense the poor Hub must put up with!) Continue reading

Keeping busy

The sun has been shining for what seems like forever, although I can’t believe just how chilly it is when I get up in the mornings, still. At the weekend I restocked the bird feeder in the back garden and the starlings and sparrows have been going mad ever since. It’s a joy to stand at the kitchen window and watch them and I do need to keep a look out, because the fat pigeons have also received word that free food is on the go and they pay frequent visits trying to scoff what they can!

I chose 2015 as the year I would start a 5 year diary – one which I purchased in a local book store and where I have precisely 3 lines to records the events, my thoughts or feelings of the day. A bit like Twitter for the technophobe, I guess! But I like being able to sit in bed and reflect on the day trying to summarise in only a few words, something I will relate to in years to come. I’m not sure I’ll see the changes until we are a couple of years through this thing, but, as it turns out, it’s quite a year to start keeping records. I wonder if I’ll have the will power to see it through to the end. Continue reading

Write a novel in a month…? Are you mad?


Today marks the start of a new phase of the writing journey. I changed my LinkedIn profile from ‘educator’ to ‘writer’ to reflect this. Some time ago some dear friends gave me a couple of books, by way of supporting me in my quest to write. One in particular ‘No Plot,? No Problem!’ by Chris Batty has been well read and is the source of great advice. I have devoured writers advice from so many angles and perhaps that has been part of the issue – taking too much advice you start to get conflicting approaches and confusing information. What I liked about Chris’s approach, was that writing – in whatever format – is all good practice. He is the founder of the National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) and while this event historically takes place (for good reason) during the dreary month of November, the concept of writing a novel in 30 days can be applied at any time of the year if the writer has the motivation. So here we go… this is my month. The writing I am currently doing seems to have taken a life of its own, something I wasn’t quite expecting. Planned characters that I thought were going to have certain personality traits are moving in different directions. Initially I was a little cross about this, but in amongst the advice I was reading came the notion that in the same way writers change character names because they don’t feel ‘right’, characters can also take the writer in directions they hadn’t planned for.  Continue reading

Look who’s back!

….. Hold on tight, here we go again….!!! Look who’s back..!

I spent an hour today reading through some of my previous posts, by way of trying to capture where I was when I was writing them and what I wanted to achieve. A self-imposed break was required and while I’m not here to discuss that, it’s enough to think that my cup of heroes and villains hath overfloweth…!! Or something like that!

My last post (link below) brought a tear to my eye all over again – not least because once more the Hub has proved to be the pillar in my otherwise shaken world and I’m not entirely sure how I will be able to repay him… As an aside, a friend read that post and commented on the analogy. ‘Why granite?’ she asked. ‘It’s not an attractive rock, really, is it? And your Hub is (for his age!!) still in good shape – I mean, isn’t there a more suitable rock you could have used?!’ It was a well meaning question I suppose and she’s right – he’s not doing too badly despite the speckles of grey. But you know, I think I got it spot on and I went on to tell her that Dartmoor, a place synonymous with Granite Tors is a stunning place whatever the weather. As a student in Plymouth, I spent many a day on the moors navigating over bogs and around the Tors – come rain or shine, or fog… or storms… or more rain.. (you get the picture!) But I loved it – the changing weather makes the same view look different each time. I guess that what I was trying say about the Hub… we’ve thrown a lot at him over the years and he deals with it in his way. Sometimes it might not be the way other people do it, or like it, but he deals with it!!

And now onto more pressing matters… today I have managed to go for a run, do 2×7 minute Davina workouts (and my legs feel it now), weed the garden and it’s only lunch time! This afternoon is the most important job… gotta bake a cake for Child No.1’s birthday, before she gets home.

Nice to be back peeps! Be kind to me!

MJ xx