How many words….??

And so the book takes shape…..!

How bad am I… staring an entire blog with the word ‘and’! I never professed to be an English expert. I guess I write as I speak, which is often fast, often littered with diverted topics and above all… honest! I also never claimed to be a literary snob… I just love to read. Last week, for my birthday, some lovely friends bought me a couple of books relating to becoming published. Easy reads, I hope because at the end of a busy day/week, I need easy reading! I have started with Natalie Goldberg’s ‘Writing Down the Bones’. I wanted this blog to chart to ups and downs of a struggling, but passionate writer. The thought being, that one day, when I’m published I can look back at this and remind myself it wasn’t always like that. Whatever ‘that’ might turn out to be! Maybe this is the teacher in me, something that I guess after 20+ years will never entirely leave me. A good teacher should always be in touch with their novice side. You know that part where you were once the beginner, when whatever you are now good at was once a struggle? It enables the good teacher to empathise, to be reminded that there is always a base line and once you know where that base line of knowledge is, then you can begin. I deliberately digress, but at University I was required to pass a swimming assessment which needed me to master tumble turns. Given we were all trainee teachers, I asked a good friend who happened to be the best swimmer in the group to help me. BIG MISTAKE. She was a lovely girl and a great teacher-to-be, but she’d forgotten something quite crucial, quite fundamental…. not everyone can tumble turn, not everyone has the confidence she has to try it. After two pool sessions I was no further forward and we took a while to repair our friendship!!

Anyway, the blog, for me, serves as a document of writing development. Over the last few weeks, the planning stage has progressed into writing. But in order that certain other elements of life don’t get ignored (children, Hub, family, work etc) I’m limiting writing to weekends. In a couple of weeks I have a half term break, which allows more concentrated writing time, but to date its a tight window of opportunity. Then I did the calculation of words required…. So far I’m at 3,000 words and happy with content. But when my target is more like 74-80,000 I’m starting to sweat! Just a little…. But I guess, someone once said Rome wasn’t built in a day… Chipping away little by little is the only way forward. So back to the PC to finish the most recent chapter, then it’s time to refocus and earn some money in the day job!

Have a great week x

MJ xxx

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