Monthly Archives: February 2015

Who needs any old rock when you can have Granite!

You know, I’ve been trying to write this post for AGES and this must be the fourth, maybe fifth version. While I love holding the delete button, it doesn’t feel anywhere near as satisfying as screwing up a piece of paper and lobbing it across the dining room towards (but never into) the bin!

What I wanted to write about was something that would give you a little insight into my other half… the Hub. In one version it turned into a ‘this is what he does well/wrong’ fest. In another, I found myself blabbering on about the importance of friends and wandering waaaay off topic – something I can do very well and with no notice (just ask my colleagues!) Continue reading

How many words….??

And so the book takes shape…..!

How bad am I… staring an entire blog with the word ‘and’! I never professed to be an English expert. I guess I write as I speak, which is often fast, often littered with diverted topics and above all… honest! I also never claimed to be a literary snob… I just love to read. Last week, for my birthday, some lovely friends bought me a couple of books relating to becoming published. Easy reads, I hope because at the end of a busy day/week, I need easy reading! I have started with Natalie Goldberg’s ‘Writing Down the Bones’. Continue reading