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Just grabbing the calculator…..

I’m sorry, but I could not let this go without mention. In part because it seems like the whole world (literally) has jumped on the bandwagon today. So what’s my voice among, literally, thousands who have an opinion over the little boy invoiced for not turning up to a friend’s birthday party. Continue reading

Random thoughts!

Only 5 weeks and 2 days until Half Term! What an awesome thought! But then it becomes apparent that this term is slipping by and before you know it, Easter will be looming. It’s at that point that you realise you haven’t made quite the dent you wanted to in your marking pile, or that some learners are dragging their heels a little too much! Hey ho…. the evenings are starting (gradually) to get a little lighter and my birthday is just around the corner! I must learn to embrace the fact I am a proper grown up now, mustn’t I?! In fact, on that very subject, I watched an interesting BBC documentary last night on Sir Richard Branson’s home on Necker Island, in the Caribbean. What a stunningly beautiful place! And what a fantastic philosophy…. no pretentions … flip flops and wet hair at dinner if you wish (with other clothes of course!) – water sports instructor doubles as the bar man in the evening and all that… Then it struck me – you have to be a different kind of beautiful to go there (apart from stinking rich!) and oh sooooo much younger than I am. I have clearly missed that boat on all counts! It got me thinking about what I would do with a multi million win on the Lottery…. I am allowed to have those tortuous thoughts from time to time…. the one thing that would remain a constant (apart from family) would be the writing. Might change the things I write about right enough!

And so, as the light fades and my marking pile screams at me, I find myself turning to the TV guide to see what time Songs of Praise is on!! Drat – not til Sunday! Right… I best be off to buy a Lottery Ticket!

MJ xx