Advent Day 8: Christmas tunes – is it too early yet?

One of my biggest moans in the extended lead up to Christmas is the fact that every shop you walk into from mid-November onwards seems to have Slade, Wham! or Wizzard blaring out at full tilt and what were once great indicators of the excitement of the Christmas season have become torturous symbols of a mass marketing campaign. The children laugh at me, as I play dodge the festive tune on the radio in the car. But this week I have gradually let the tunes creep in.

Over the years my festive musical selection box has changed a little – some songs are mainstays of the season, while others have become annoying or gimmicky. I asked Facebook friends to let me know what their favourite festive tunes were and the results were not really surprising. I’m not sure if that’s because my friends and I have similar tastes, or we have become so exposed to these musical offerings that we accept them as part of our Christmas ritual.

So here goes… these are in no particular order but the first few are firm favourites for me (and other friends):

As a child of the 80’s, no Christmas is ever complete until you hear those opening bars of the original Band Aid ‘Do They Know it’s Christmas?’ All credit to Bob and Midge for reinventing this concept and doing a lot of good with it, but for me nothing will beat the original and seeing Duran and Spandau in the same room together!!!

Other tunes which feature significantly in my Christmas jukebox include Greg Lake’s ‘I Believe in Father Christmas’. A very un-festive video, to go with this tune, but still an evocative offering, which still gives me goosebumps when I hear it for first time each year.

There are some songs which can only be played in the lead up to Christmas, and this next offering is one of those. Chris Rea’s ‘Driving Home for Christmas’ conjures an image of heading back for a family break, laden with gifts and anticipating the food and festivities to follow.

This next track drives Child No1 mad – she hates it. But we love it. The Hub had the privilege of working at the BBC on a Top of the Pops Christmas special and saw this track ‘performed’ in the studio… using that term loosely there because he says Mr MacGowan was a little worse for wear. Still we love to belt this one out at full volume….

This one is for my dad – again another classic which gives me the shivers when I hear it. Beautiful voices…

Christmas Eve is usually spent putting finishing touches to plans for the following day and once the children are in bed we search for a Carol Service being broadcast from some cavernous cathedral somewhere in the UK – this isn’t complete unless we hear Silent Night. LY, this is for you!

I’ll leave you now with the newest addition to our Christmas jukebox. Mr Buble, for me, epitomises the modern traditional Christmas. His Christmas CD will forever remind me of our first family skating experience in Bristol – an activity I do so much better than the Hub!! There are too many great tracks to list here, so I shall leave you with one of my faves….

Happy days!

MJ xx

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