Advent Day 3: Tipple fit for a King

Right… the nights are really chilling off now and those long lazy summer evenings of BBQs and jugs of Pimms seem a lifetime ago. I came to realise a while back that there was a direct relationship between my lack of interest in Christmas and my increasing dislike of the dark nights. I long sooo much for Dec 21st, when psychologically I start to feel better because the evenings will once again start to draw out!

Then last December we took my mum away for the weekend to Dorset – a place we love so much in the summer, but spend no time at all in the winter. We found ourselves at a great Christmas Fair at the Tank Museum in Bovington. How cool that there were trading stalls set among the tanks and military vehicles (if you like that kind of thing, I guess!). One of the stalls was selling this amazing beverage: The King’s Ginger.


OMG of the highest order…………… This stuff is amazing. To me this will forever be a Christmas drink. There’s something about the warming hit at the back of the throat, the citrus fragrance and the tingle on the lips.

It came with a little card suggesting different ways of consuming – like with Champagne for ‘The Ginger Royale’, or with equal measure of single malt whisky for ‘The Rusty Tack’. The lady selling also suggesting adding a measure to lemon sponge mix, to add a ‘zing’ to your average afternoon tea!!

If you can find it in your local Off Licence, I cannot recommend this enough. Go on… give it a go… hic!

MJ xx




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