Embracing the festivities: Advent Day 1


OK… so it’s December 1st and I have decided to TRY and get into the Christmas spirit. Easier said than done when there are still 3 weeks left at work and my ‘to do’ list is growing bigger by the day! But I thought I would try to bring a little festive cheer into all our lives and each day and I am going to link you to something cool, interesting or just fun, relating to the festive season! I find Christmas an odd time of year, I love the build up with the children – I LOVE the day itself and we have many, many happy memories of Christmas’s past spent in all sorts of great places with friends and family. But I have grown to be resentful of the forced marketing which seems to start as soon as the schools return in September and Christmas tunes are banned until well into December! So I do have moments when I feel a bit ‘bah-humbug’ about the whole thing! Still, last night we met with good friends, as we started the planning for our big Christmas adventure to North Wales (subtitled: In Search of Snow!) and I am feeling a little more cheery about the forthcoming holiday season!

So to start you off, I am recommending this fantastic Christmas themed read, by a great lady, Susan Buchanan. For budding writers like me, Twitter is a great source of contacts and people from whom to glean help and advice. I happened across Susan’s Twitter page and Facebook page and have enjoyed following her writing journey, juggling this with motherhood and starting her own business. This book is a great read to help you get in the mood for Christmas and her writing allows you to really connect with her characters and the locations she writes about. So… here’s the link for her book:


It may not be your thing and I promise to keep my daily links brief and varied, so by the time the big day arrives, I might have just given you something of interest! And I might just be ready for a little festivities myself!

MJ xx


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