What a week!

Well, who’d have thought… it’s Friday again! If you’ve had a week like mine – then well done for getting to the end in one piece and still breathing!! That’s not to say I’ve had a terrible week – but it’s been just a little bit bonkers. OK – I hear you.. I hear you.. I work in education, I have two growing children (three if you count the Hub), it’s less than 6 weeks until Christmas OF COURSE it’s been a bonkers week! Crikey… reality just dawned as I typed that – Christmas is less than 6 weeks away! And I haven’t’ started ANY shopping – unless you count the huge box of Cadbury’s Heroes, I bought in the weekly shop a couple of weeks ago – still sealed, I might add, much to the disgust of the children!

Ok – I promise this isn’t going to happen every week, but this week has been a real milestone blog-wise and I thought that was worth celebrating with you! ‘Any excuse for a glass of something cold and bubbly’, I hear you cry! Monday was it’s usual round of meetings, setting up for the week, class cover plans and student forums. With Tuesday being my busiest teaching day it was perfectly natural to invite friends over for supper wasn’t it (?), but it was a great evening with much achieved in terms of moving forwards. It’s always a worthwhile exercise running ideas and plans past totally impartial, but trusted contacts. They see the gaps you so often miss. It was also the point of the week that I realised the blog was doing wonderful things – or more accurately YOU were doing wonderful things to help the blog! ( https://mjhadlowblogspot.wordpress.com/2014/11/11/wow-just-wow/ )

With an all time high of 63 views in one day (Wednesday) and breaking the 400+ visits by the end of the day, I felt an incredible sense of… something… Something that that was working, falling into place and finally a little teeny bit of confidence that this is working! Coupled with the lovely feedback I am starting to get, the ‘peak of the week’ was a positive one! If there’s one little request – while we are talking stats – it’s this… lots of you are popping in and reading (and you’re very welcome), but not that many of you have signed up for auto alerts for new posts. Currently there are only 18 followers and they’re not generating the hit rate I see by themselves, so don’t be afraid, sign up on the main blog page, with the little widget thing, to receive notifications when new posts are published – it’s free! Go on.. do it!

And so onto last night…. one of those events which you place in your diary months beforehand and anticipate with such excitement, that you almost don’t want it arrive, because then you know it will be over.. gone.. never to be repeated. My lovely sister bought two tickets to see the Silver Fox baker himself – Paul Hollywood and we had 2nd row seats, which in itself deserves a mighty OMG!! So it was on a wet winter evening I dashed (without exceeding the speed limit) into Bath (pronounced Barth, not Baaaath) to meet up with aforementioned sibling, had a spot of food and then queued up with what felt like most of the female population of Bath and North East Somerset! Yes, there were a few chaps there… some were duty drivers, others were clearly there under duress and some (a limited few) were keen to see the Silverback himself – with bakes in hand, ready to be judged by the King of food judges (sorry Gregg and John!). Hormones aside, it was a great evening. The food produced was made to look simple enough that even I will give it a try. Especially the baked Brie with Pancetta.. yummmmm…. There was a lovely mix of good humour and jokes – at the expence of everyone who lives in our stunning Roman City (‘Do you all have staff and AGAs, like Bezza?’ he asked), as well as some great food – much of which was shared with members of the audience. TOP TIP: when going to see a comedian, sitting in the front 2-3 rows is a firing line for p*** taking, but it’s a great place in a food show, because you get the chance to sample the wares! I talk from first hand experience, because Mr Hollywood decided to lob – literally –  pieces of his walnut, peach and stilton bread into the front few rows and I can tell you I was NOT missing out on this. It pays to have great hand-eye coordination, fast reactions and be sitting amongst mostly middle aged women who have none of these!! It was delightful, I don’t mind telling you. I WILL be giving that one a go very soon! Like every good groupie, younger sibling and I hung about at the front of the stage after the event and our patience was rewarded as Mr H returned in more casual attire to sign programmes and books. In my case he signed my newly purchased 2015 calendar – on my birthday month!! (Hub has since stated this item will not be living at the home address and has been condemned to the works office – which is shared with 2 chaps!) A fantastic night was rounded off by stalking the poor chap at the stage door and grabbing a quick pic before he was whisked away into the night!

...signed on my birthday month!

…signed on my birthday month!

So there you are… when I say what a week, I really mean it! 3 late nights, one celebrity baker, a night out with my sister, 7 hours of staff training (oh I forgot to mention that bit), and still we have the annual ‘Children in Need night in’ to come tonight! I do hope you’ve had a great week too. Do remember to sign up for blog notifications and make sure you find some time over the weekend to relax, I know I will…. Oh, what’s that – we’ve got a 50th birthday party to go to tomorrow?! Here we go again…….

Happy weekend to you all.

MJ xx

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