Wow… Just wow!

For once I am speechless… And those who know me well, will know that’s a rare thing! I just checked my blog stats tonight and noticed that I’ve had over 70 hits on my blog in the last 24 hrs, with now a total exceeding 330 since I started! Ok, so for some of you pro-bloggers you’re probably getting that in an hour. But this is little ol’ me: mum, wife, teacher, friend, writer….. 

This fab news comes at the end of a really productive evening, spent with trusted friends. So feeling quite motivated to continue to follow the dream. Not being the kind of person to shout about myself, it’s lovely to hear other people telling you to keep going! Who was it said ‘Good things come to those who wait’?? This isn’t about being a Best-selling writer (although it’s a nice thought…), it’s about not standing still too long and following my own advice to chase the sunset….

So thank YOU… For logging in to read my ramblings, to those who take the time to comment on and like posts, to those who share and to you wonderful people who indulge this nutty women trying the carve a different path!

Not bad for someone claiming to be speechless, eh?!

Much love,

MJ xx

5 thoughts on “Wow… Just wow!

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