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Mourning the death of good manners…?

When I started on this blogging adventure I spent some time ahead of my first post thinking about how I would approach the whole thing. Researched a lot, read other blogs, took advice from current bloggers etc. This research gave lots of (sometimes good) advice such as:

  • Be active on social media and maximise your coverage
  • Blog everyday (or at regular time each week/month), so your audience know your routine
  • Have a theme – so you can target the right audience
  • Respond where possible to comments and feedback

… and so the list goes on. Well, I guess in my 14 or so posts I have managed to break each one of those rules at some point or another and interestingly, the one which bothers me the most is the last one – responding to comments! So first and foremost I will publicly apologise now if I have failed to respond to your comment, or sometime in the future I fail to respond. KC – you left the very first one and I didn’t even have the good manners to reply back 😦 So to you a HUGE SORRY xx Continue reading

Peace and quiet? Day 1

So is this how it will be eventually..? Tonight I have come home to a quiet(ish) house. The cushions are where I left them this morning, the Wi-Fi is still off, there are no wet shoes blocking the door way and no sign of school bags/coats left on the floor in the kitchen. We spent the best part of the weekend packing, unpacking and repacking bags for Child No2 (the 11 year old puppy dog!), who was beyond excited about his first school residential trip! Waterproofs? Check. Walking boots? Check. Clean pants/socks? Check. And so the list went on…… Not a second thought for us, I’m sure, as he boarded the bus the this morning. Continue reading

What a week!

Well, who’d have thought… it’s Friday again! If you’ve had a week like mine – then well done for getting to the end in one piece and still breathing!! That’s not to say I’ve had a terrible week – but it’s been just a little bit bonkers. OK – I hear you.. I hear you.. I work in education, I have two growing children (three if you count the Hub), it’s less than 6 weeks until Christmas OF COURSE it’s been a bonkers week! Crikey… reality just dawned as I typed that – Christmas is less than 6 weeks away! And I haven’t’ started ANY shopping – unless you count the huge box of Cadbury’s Heroes, I bought in the weekly shop a couple of weeks ago – still sealed, I might add, much to the disgust of the children! Continue reading

Wow… Just wow!

For once I am speechless… And those who know me well, will know that’s a rare thing! I just checked my blog stats tonight and noticed that I’ve had over 70 hits on my blog in the last 24 hrs, with now a total exceeding 330 since I started! Ok, so for some of you pro-bloggers you’re probably getting that in an hour. But this is little ol’ me: mum, wife, teacher, friend, writer…..  Continue reading

Move over Mars and Venus… bring in the cats and dogs!

I don’t believe for a moment I’m the first person to pick up on this, but it still surprises me that more people (and by that I mean fellow parents) haven’t seen it. Forget this Mars and Venus stuff, as the parent of a boy and a girl I am certain that I have human versions of a dog and a cat! I can’t remember when/where I first saw this, but it’s an analogy I have subsequently shared with a range of friends – some of whom also have one of each! No one has dared disagree….. many see it too!

File:Black and white cat named Leafy-zenera-03.jpg

Continue reading

We must remember them…

We’ve never really conformed, when it comes to family holidays. In part because we both aren’t fond of lazing about by pools or on beaches, also because the Hub is essentially the world’s greatest fidget and I guess because we just like doing things a bit differently! I never quite understood the desire to return to the same complex/cottage/campsite year on year. Continue reading

Let’s not allow school to get in the way of a child’s education…

And so I am back after a fun-filled half term break – for us ‘break’ was the key word… son vs. fracture clinic is our life for the next few weeks! (See previous post!).

I see the debate over term time holidays rages on:

With every twist and turn all I see are different parties blaming and counter blaming one another and all the while, families and more importantly, the children, are losing out. As a young, idealistic (child-free) teacher, I couldn’t see the issue, school time was learning time, holidays were for fun and anyway, if I couldn’t take advantage of cheaper holiday deals, why should anyone else!! Continue reading