So… what’s new?

Just checking in… the last few days have been pretty manic and as we race towards a very welcome half term break, there seems to be request after request being thrown in my direction. Tonight has been a late night at work… one of many it seems these days. Only this kind of late night means manning a radio and hoping no one calls you for assistance! The brighter side is that I get a chance to catch up with a few things, make a few lists and generally try to devote a few precious hours to keeping on track with the day job, so that it doesn’t spill over into the real job when I get home of an evening.

It has also given me the chance to do some internet searching for new teaching resources. During my searching I came across a few items on the BBC website which I thought I would share… for no other reason than I found them interesting! If you’ve never been to Salisbury, then do! The time I tend to spend there is linked to work, but when I do get a chance to escape, there’s nothing better than a stroll alongside the Cathedral. Inside is equally magnificent. So, do… go… it’s beautiful at Christmas too! ‘Wonder Women: busting stereotypes across the world’ – what a great headline! What a great event – if you get the chance, join the online streaming on 28th October! This did make me smile! Especially when I think about my jam-packed 3 drawer freezer… full of portioned out meals, ice pops which have fallen out of boxes and the most amazing locally sourced beef. How misleading is the headline for this article… young cooks? I don’t think so…! Crikey, I’m starting to sound a bit like my mum…. help! Now this just makes me cross…. How how HOW can a country be given the rights to host one of the biggest sporting contests in the world and still not be able to decide on the event’s timings? How how HOW has the governing body for this event been allowed to overlook this (not so minor) detail at the bidding stage? I don’t think I remember Lord Coe umm-ing and ahh-ing over the dates for London 2012 when the bid team put their amazing case forward in 1995 and I’m pretty sure most European club managers will have plenty to say over a November/December 2022 World Cup! Crazy, crazy totally crackers!

Rant over!

Stay warm and dry this evening!

MJ xx

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