Gotta love a list… pt2!

Yey… it’s Friday…. we have reached the end of the working week and we’re all still breathing! Well done! I don’t know about you, but it was a tough wake up this morning, seemed like the whole house wanted it to be Saturday already – still up we got and the sun is currently shining in this part of the world, so all is not that bad!

So I was trawling through some old Facebook posts the other day and came across a notes page I had all but forgotten about – I must have added to this in response to someone else’s tag, because I had then tagged a number of friends to create the same type of thing. The idea was to create a list of facts that people might not have know about me (at that time)… if we’re friends on FB, then much of this may be old news, but I thought it would be a good thing to review and share now… and you know how much I love a good list!

  1. I am a qualified Clark’s shoe fitter – much to the Hub’s amusement.
  2. Port gives me a tummy ache. (Even in small amounts).
  3. I detest poor manners.
  4. I cry at TV awards ceremonies when they show the VT of the actors and contributors who have died in the last year.
  5. I find meeting new people very difficult and can’t do the ‘social butterfly’ thing at other people’s parties.
  6. I still think I am 18! (Update: well, I’m starting feel a little older now… but 18 was a good age.)
  7. ‘Cocktail’ was the first 15 cert film I saw legally!
  8. My dad and his wife Sue went on their first date to the same pub as the Hub and I – the night after our first date!
  9. Driving without music is like curry without beer!
  10. I wish I could sing. My sister got all the talent in the family. The only thing I think I am good at is making people think I am good at things – actually I’m just a fraudster! I’m sure I’ll get found out soon…..
  11. People who use their children as excuses not to do things are missing out in so many ways and annoy the hell out of me!
  12. I have started 3 children’s books and an education book. (Update: These are shelved awaiting further inspiration – as I am working on something more grown up now and I’m liking where it’s going…!) It’s true what they say about things you write being semi autobiographical…. only the closest to me will see the clues!
  13. My caravan is no.13 and I once lived in a house no.13 – what’s the big deal?!
  14. I want to tell my friends that I love them, without them looking at me, in that sideways kind of way that says “Go away, weirdo!”
  15. I wanted to be a teacher from the age of 11. I never wanted to teach just teenagers… now I couldn’t imagine being in a secondary school. I only took the job at the College while I waited for a school job to come up in Wiltshire. (Update: 18 years on and I’m still there… just).
  16. If I’d passed my A-Levels first time round (I failed Geography!), I would never have met the Hub!
  17. Sarah G got me through my GCSE’s and saw me through many boyfriend traumas – she has nerves of steel and a huge heart of gold! (Update: she may live over 100 miles away, but she’s still my role model and I love her to pieces xx)
  18. I still check on my children several times a night before my bedtime. My love for them is immeasurable and grows by the hour. They are my greatest achievement.
  19. I fear death, but I fear leaving the Hub and the children behind, even more.
  20. The hub once allowed me 3 ‘Get out of Jail’ cards, with regards to snogging other men – so long as they were: Robbie Williams, Brad Pitt and David Beckham. He never thought for one minute that Robbie would move into the village down the road! (Update: swap Brad for… Gary Barlow)
  21. We waited until the children were 9 and 7 to get them Christened. They had the casting vote with regards to their God Parents and I believe they stand for decency, honesty and integrity. I stand by what we told them on the day – we struck gold!
  22. My old PE teacher once told me: Life is not a rehearsal, grab it with both hands and run like hell…. I can only say that I wish I had more hands and could run like Paula Radcliffe.
  23. I am hugely envious of the Hub’s vast circle of ‘old’ friends (I don’t mean they are past it, just that they have know each other for soooo long!)
  24. My most favourite flowers are roses and I love the smell of lilies – they remind me of my wedding day!
  25. Mushrooms and celery are WRONG, on every level!

So there we go…. a further insight into my quirky little life! I’d love to know something about you – so get sharing… but keep it clean and keep it legal!

Until we meet again…

MJ xx

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