Gotta love a list…..

With every good day I guess there must be some ‘not such good’ days… I have always tried to remain a glass half full kind of person, but even I have struggled these last few days to summon enough energy to keep it from drying out! I was shocked on Monday with my reaction to news that an old school friend had sadly passed away. Thanks to the wonders of social media, we got back in touch a year or so ago and it was lovely to read her updates and see how fulfilled her life in the Home Counties seemed to be. But updates can be so deceptive and clearly all wasn’t as well as it appeared. The news, broken on the same social media platform which kept us in touch, has brought such sadness amongst my peer group and gave me cause to try and  reflect on the positive energy flowing at this moment. At first glance I feel all out of positive energy… But I can tell you I am building an awesome portfolio of character traits for a truck load of baddies! Then I decided to make a list, life is so much better when I can make lists…

1. Today my baby turned 11 and we spent a great evening with the whole family. Pizza makes even the most rubbish days feel good!

2. I still have both my parents (and extended families) close by. To call on, moan to, drink tea/wine/vodka with at a moments notice!

3. I am blessed to have the chance to make regular visits to our beautiful Dorset. I say ours, because it almost feels like our home now!

4. I have a small, but very special bunch of friends, from all aspects of my life, who are on hand/on the phone and know just when to say and do the right thing!

5. This weekend the Hub and I get to catch up with old friends (some older than others!!) and drink wine! What’s so fab about them is that they won’t give a rats arse about my blog entries, observation grades, how many extra hours I’ve worked this term, what set the kids are in at school blah, blah…. But I know for sure if my glass is only half full, they’ll top it up, providing I pay my way when it’s my round (the Hub better bring enough cash!)

Now more than ever I know what direction I am heading in… It may be a life of lists and character traits, but I also know it will involve more wine, more tea and lots more laughter. If you’re still reading, well done! And I will leave you with this thought… Not original, but certainly true… Don’t judge a person until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.

Sleep well xxx

MJ xx

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