Naive…. moi?!

Well, how funny… isn’t it sometimes the smallest things which make you laugh? Last night we had the first of our recruitment evenings at work. How great to welcome even more new faces to our college to meet staff and how great to see otherwise shattered and exhausted colleagues tune into their passion and enthusiasm and sharing this with those we hope will choose to learn with us. We had so many engaging activities on the go that it was hard to find a quiet stand…. Surely they were aware the Bake Off Final was on anytime soon??! That said, in a more peaceful moment I took a break with a colleague I see less often. Having offered her a cup of tea/coffee, she declined and took a swig from her water bottle. `Evian!` she exclaimed… `Yes, I know… I could get it from the tap, but it doesn’t spell “naive” backwards for no reason, you know..!`

And do you know what… I never realised! So who’s the mug now?!

But in that room, surrounded by potential new students and their parents we howled…. goodness knows why, but at the time it was one of those unexplained, but very funny moments. Yes, yes, you had to be there… I know, but after a busy/mad/mind numbing few weeks, how lovely to laugh at something so totally innocent. Or maybe, on the part of that particular water company, not so innocent after all…!

MJ xx

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