How challenging is your workplace?!

So, yesterday I received an email asking me to join the ‘Workplace Challenge’… I mean, come on, as if it wasn’t challenging enough, working in education – now they want you to join the challenge!! Actually, it’s an incentive being run by our County Sports Partnership, to get the county’s workforce up and active! To do this you need to log your physical activity, duration and intensity. So being the competitive animal I am, I have asked all my department to register and log their activity levels… just the push I need, to get up and do my ‘bit’! In fact, I surprised myself, as I logged my activity for the last 4 weeks…. bike rides, family walks, runs, aerobics, FitSteps, housework, gardening…. crikey I should be as thin as a rake! Still, time will tell, weigh-in day tomorrow! If you’re keen to get involved, check out the link:

Let me know how you get on………..

Sending best wishes,

MJ x

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