So…. you want to be a blogger…?!

And so it begins! After much to-ing & fro-ing, umm-ing & ah-ing here we are. Well, here I am… There is so much I had thought I had wanted to say in this very first post. You know, it’s a bit like a little girl planning her beautiful wedding when she’s only 7. She’s planned every small detail – dresses, church, guests, transport, right down down to the flowers and confetti colour (or was that just me?!) Only the one thing she’s missing is the groom…. ah (minor detail!) Only in this case – the thing missing for me, right now, is a firm direction… every other detail planned and replanned but just where is this blog going?! I guess that’s got to be part of the fun…

So… you want to be a blogger? Every time I write that I think of that song from Bugsy.. you know the one about being a boxer!? Anyway, I digress (not uncommon with me), yes – I want to be a blogger. Why? Because I found that 140 characters on Twitter just didn’t do it. I love to write. I always have. Facebook friends fall into two categories: those who love the posts I write (sometimes witty, sometimes lengthy, always honest) and those who complain I post too much. To them I say – use the un-follow button, no one asks you to read or follow!

This year I turned the magical 4-0! I have tried super hard to take the whole ‘life begins at 40…’ thing seriously. One of my aims was to get cracking on the writing, it’s been bubbling away under the radar for several years – pretty much since I started my most recent job: motherhood. Stories, locations and characters have been forming and now I feel that if I don’t find a way of getting them written down, I might lose them… or worst still, lose motivation to get them down. Fear not, putting stories on here is a long way off (if ever), however my writing journey starts now and that is what I wish to share.

Me: a mother, a wife, a friend, a teacher… enough material to keep us going for a while, I reckon, yes?! I blame my eclectic musical tastes on my dad – on whom I blame many other things (my love of cars, planes, daft jokes and great 80’s movies!). According to my husband (who henceforth shall be called the Hub) I spend too much time on social media… he’s so loving the idea of adding a blog to my list of duties! Then there are the children – my children – my babies *sighs*! At 13 and 10 years, they are so not babies now, but they are my motivation on a number of levels. The most recent of which is to spend hours trying to shed the pounds I gained during/post pregnancy (another post-40 target!) and this comes with added bonus – I get to spend a few hours pounding the pavements and dancing round school halls without being asked for food, drink, money, TV time or peacemaker duties!

I guess if you’re still here you deserve a medal. I do hope you join me as I try to go about my often chaotic life with a smile on my face. It’s been a big step, getting to this point, I don’t mind telling you. Sharing your thoughts and ramblings online, opening yourself to a cyber world equivalent of a village flogging! Hoping people might just like what you have to say (thanks dad!) and share your thoughts far and wide….

But for now I bid you good night. May your dreams be filled with light, love and laughter!

MJ xx

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